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Saas Bahu Aur Saazish Watch Online Nazar

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Weedesitv.com presents you the SBS Segment of Nazar Drama. Watch all the latest updates of the Star Plus Program Nazar. Saas Bahu Aur Saazish Watch Online Nazar all latest updates. Firstly, Nazar is an indian Supernatural Serial. It features Antara Biswas also known as Monalisa in main lead. Further, Serial Nazar is the story of a ‘Daayan’ who is played by Monalisa. Moreover,  Her name in the serial is Mohana.

Mohana is 250 years old creature similar to a life forece sucking vampire. Therefore, She captures and kill people to keep her young and beautiful. She also uses ‘Jaadu Tona’ to keep her work going. One day, she entices Mridul  Rathod (Ankur Nayyar) with her Surreal beauty and she marries him. After that, they both have two children (Ansh and Kaajal).

Vedashree Raathod (Ritu Chaudhary) is worried. Consequently, She tells her friend Divya Sharma (Smita Bansal) about her suspicion about Mohana. Moreover, Divya is a psychical wizardess and a Reevaavanshii (monster-hunter). So, She readily accept to help the Rathod family from getting rid of Mohana and her evil eye. Therefore, Mohana is attacked by Divya Sharma. Further, She cuts off her plait, rendering her powerless. She then run into the woods to escape. Mohana is then turned into a stone when the villagers set her on fire. But her ‘Nazar’ (evil eye) remains on the Rathod family.

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18 Years Later

After 18 years, Ansh (Harsh Rajput) grows up. But He is unaware of his real identity. Consequently, He start growing suspicious about himself. He later on finds out that He is a “Daavansh”   (the hybrid offspring of a daayan and a human). He has the ability to completely enter the Dark side.due to his Supernatural power. But He can only be saved by a girl who the “Devi-Maa” Durga’s symbol as her birthmark. Therefore, She is referred as the Devik (divine conduit).

Similarly, Divya’s daughter Piya has this birthmark. Subsequently, Ansh and Piya falls in love with other. They then get married. Piya is pregnant. Everyone is happy. Ansh horoscope shows that their child will put an end on Mohana. So, Mohana tries her best to kill the baby. But Ansh and Piya realises her plans, and goes in the forest. Later on, Mohana traces Ansh through his bloodline. But Ansh finds out. Ansh separates himself from Piya with a heavy heart until the baby is born. Ansh and Piya wants to keep their baby safe and away from Mohana.

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